Appreciation of other people’s needs and contributions in the society

Outdoor learning experiences offer great opportunities for social and personal development. During outdoor learning activities, children work in groups to overcome challenging situations. This encourages them to trust, tolerate, care and appreciate each other. They develop interpersonal and cooperative working skills that enhance their ability to sustain a family and work relationships in future.

Promotes active learning 

Children learn through the activities they encounter and discover outdoors. Children learn and appreciate each other, outdoor settings, skills and themselves. Active learning features adventurous activities on water and land. Through active outdoor learning, children develop experimental, enquiry, reflection, cooperative, review and feedback learning skills.

Builds a positive attitude towards learning

Through participating in enjoyable and exciting outdoor activities with other students and teachers, children develop a positive attitude towards education and mode of learning. Moreover, children are encouraged to embraced greater learning responsibilities.

Outdoor learning offers a wide range of curiosities and experiences that are aroused by outdoor educational environment and activities. Moreover, different forms of outdoor education are surpassing traditional learning boundaries. Field studies are becoming developmental and active, and developmental training builds interest in sustainable environmental conditions while recreational training enhances social and personal development. The UK outdoor education centre delivers all aspects of formal and informal curriculum in a simple yet exciting way that fulfils the children’s need for physical and hands-on experiences. Its values and practices aim at promoting respect for equality, diversity and maintainable environmental use.